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H1411 – Viking England, Danelaw, “ORSNAFORDA” type, Imitating Alfred the Great of Wessex, struck circa 880 – 900 A.D., Silver Penny, 1.40g., Bernvald moneyer, ORSNA ELFRED FORDA; trefoils above and below, trefoils on the O’s in legend, rev., BERNVALD MO with three crosses between, (North 472; S.971), toned, daylight visible through small striking crack along inner circle between 11 and 12 o'clock, small Viking peck mark on reverse, extremely fine with a great provenance. $1895 SOLD
Ex W. L. Raynes Collection, Glendining, February 15, 1950.
Ex R. P. Mack Collection (late purchase not in the Sylloge, ticket in distinctive hand of Mack included)
Ex Spink Numismatic Circular June 1975.
This distinctive coinage struck by the remnants of the Viking leader Guthrums Great Army following their settlement in the newly conquered Danelaw (the East Midlands and East Anglia) is copied from a regular coin of Alfred struck at the mint of Oxford. The “Orsnaforda” legend being an early form of the Oxford mint signature, earlier attempts to equate this legend with a Viking mint at Horsforth near Leeds in West Yorkshire are not supported by the evidence of the coinage and its prototype.