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H2006 - Edward "the Martyr" (975-978), Silver Penny, Sole type – Reform Small Cross type, 1.45g., York - Ælfstan, draped diademed bust left, +EADPEARD REX AI, rev., cross pattée, +ELFSTAN M-O EFR, (N.763; S.1142; EMC 2007.0134 this coin), a field find, full round coin, no chips or cracks, good fine, the rarest of the late Anglo-Saxon monarchs. $1995 SOLD

Found with the aid of a metal detector at Pocklington, Yorkshire, East Riding, England (SE 8049)
Coin Register 2008
Early Medieval Corpus 2007.0134

Edward the eldest surviving son of Eadgar and his first wife, Aethelflaed was crowned king on his father's death at the age of sixteen. His candidature was supported by Dunstan the influential Archbishop of Canterbury; it was opposed by Eadgar's second wife, Queen Aelfthryth and her followers who supported Edward’s younger half-brother, Aethelred II. On March 18, 978, Edward was murdered at Corfe Castle, Dorset by Aelfthryth’s followers. Whilst Aethelred was only ten years old at the time of the murder and therefore not directly implicated in the murder, his succession was tainted with the double crime of fratricide and regicide and was to ultimately end in the loss of the kingdom to Danish invaders. Canonized and awarded the tile of “Martyr”, Edward is recognized as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Anglican traditions.