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ME608 - DENMARK, 'Stridsperioden' (1044-1047), Civil War between the Norwegian Kings Magnus den Gode and Harald Hardråde and the Danish King Svend Estridsen, Silver Penning, 1.05g., Lund mint (Lund, Skåne (now Sweden)), moneyer Othinkarr, radiate helmeted bust left, in armour, design borrowed from the Helmet type of Aethelred II, issued c.1003-1009, +EĐELRED RE, rev., voided long cross, each arm terminating in three crescents, +OĐĐINCAR O LVD, (Hauberg -), toned, extremely fine, an interesting type, extremely rare. $1995 NOW $1695 SOLD

The 'Stridsperioden' (literally meaning a 'time of dispute') is the name given by Danish historians to the period when rival Danish and Norwegian claimants fought for the Danish throne. This type is struck posthumously in the name of the English king Aethelred II (978-1016), giving the coin a degree of anonymity which the Danish moneyers desired, keeping the coin and their work neutral in a time of conflict. Whilst the obverse regal legend is an anachronistic the reverse mint and moneyer combination is perfectly legible. The moneyer Othinkarr is also a known moneyer for issues in the names of Knud den Store (Cnut), Hardeknud (Harthacnut), Magnus den Gode and Svend Estridsten