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R918 - Constantine I, Consecration of, (A.D. 307-337), AE4, 1.56g., Alexandria mint (Alexandria, Egypt), second officina, c. A.D. 347-348, veiled head of Constantine right, DV (Divus) CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG, rev., VN MR (Veneranda Memoria), Emperor veiled and wrapped within robe,  SMALB in exergue, (RIC 32), striking crack, otherwise good extremely fine and very well centered. $65 SOLD

Technically a type commemorating the Divine Status of Constantine the Great, this coin exemplifies the ambiguity that surrounds the emperors relationship with early Christianity. Though he died a Christian he is here named as Divine on his posthumous coinage, a very pagan concept. As Mattingly remarked "a new shade of meaning must have been attached to the term".