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Ex Waterloo Bridge Hoard, London, deposited c.871

GF5 - The Kingdom of Mercia, Burgred (852-874), Penny, 1.36g., Lunette type, BMC Type D, moneyer Deorwulf, +BVRGRED REX, diademed bust right, rev., MON DIARVLF ETA, in three lines in and between two lines with crooks at each end, (N.426; S.941), scarce, a full round coin, good metal, extremely fine, attractive old cabinet toning, with a great collector and hoard provenance. $2250 SOLD

William C. Boyd (1840-1906) Collection, Baldwin's Auctions (42), 26 September 2005 (ticket included).
Purchased by Boyd himself from the London dealer George Vieweg, August 1889.
Ex Waterloo Bridge Hoard, London, c.1883.
The Waterloo Bridge Hoard
Discovered in the river Thames under the foundations of the bridge during renovation work. The recovered and recorded portion consisted of about 100 coins: 96 Mercian, Burgred Lunette pennies, 1 West Saxon, Aethelred I penny and 1 West Saxon, Alfred Lunette penny. The hoard can be dated to c.871 and its deposition is very likely to be connected with the advance of the Viking Great Army and the sacking of London. The high proportion of local Mercian coins would seem to suggest that the hoard represents the wealth of an English resident of London caught up in the Viking attack on the city.