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M103 - George II (1727-1760), The Duke of Argyle and Sir Robert Walpole, AE Medal, 37mm, standing figure Argyle, THE GENEROUS DUKE OF ARGYLE, in exergue NO PENTIONER, rev., the Devil leading Walpole by a rope around his neck towards the mouth of hell, in the form of the infernal beast, MAKE ROOM FOR SIR ROBERT, in exergue NO EXCISE, (MI I, 561/190), incredible condition for medal of this type, extremely fine. $345 SOLD

Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, KG, KB, PC (26 August 1676 18 March 1745) is generally regarded as having been the first Prime Minister of Great Britain. This political medal was struck towards the end of his time in office when the influence of the Duke of Argyle, one of his main critics, was on the rise following the 1741 General Election. The 1733 Excise Bill (which failed to become law), one of his most unpopular policies. It sought to curb the loss of revenue from the smuggling of wine and tobacco with a strictly enforced excise system of bonded warehouses and customs officers with increased powers. Walpole left office and retired as the newly appointed Earl of Orford a year later in early 1742.