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MD690 - ENGLAND, George II (1727-1760), Bronze Pass of The King's Private Roads, 1737, no. 736, 14.38g., 35mm, pierced for suspension, crowned Royal cypher for George II within a raised border, the number of the pass, '736' is struck beneath, rev., within a raised border, THE/ KINGS/ PRIVATE/ ROADS/ 1737 with JR in script in the middle of the date, good very fine. $195 SOLD

The King's Private Road ran between the two royal palaces of St. James's Palace, to the west of the City of London to Hampton Court further upstream on the Thames at Richmond, a distance of about 11 miles. The route is presently followed by the current line of the King's Road in Chelsea, in the later seventeenth century and eighteenth century the road ran through fields and market gardens growing produce for the London urban market. The regal name given to the road dates from the reign of Charles II (1660-1685) who made it a private road closed to public transport. During the reign of George II limited access to the route was given to local tenants and notables with passes being made available for a modest fee. Fees from the sale of passes were used to pay the gatekeepers employed to regulate traffic on the road and for the road repairs.